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Sleeping Bags and Sleeping Mats for Sale offers sleeping bags and sleeping mats for sale for tactical extreme weather use. Prepare for outdoor adventures and serious camping trips with high performance sleeping bags from Snugpak, like the Softie Series, the Sleeper Series and Special Forces bivvy bags. Try out Multimats tactical line of foam and self-inflating sleep mats. Buy this tactical and high performance sleeping gear for comfortable camping.

Snugpak Softie Elite 3 Mummy Style Sleeping Bag for Sale

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Snugpak Softie Elite 3 Mummy Style Sleeping Bag
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Softie Elite 3 Mummy Sleeping Bags for sale are ideal for tactical use, military operations, high performance backpacking and camping. They are extremely compressible and are manufactured by Snugpak. These are olive colored, mummy design tactical sleeping bags with a snug fit hood. They measure 86 inches long with a 65 inch chest that can be extended by using the EPS system created by Snugpak. The Softie Series sleeping bags feature this Extended Panel System, or EPS. The EPS works in two ways. During cooler conditions, the EPS creates a thick zipper baffle to protect the sleeper from draft. In warmer conditions, unzip the anti-snag, two-way zipper and re-zip into the main zipper to provide extra room and increased air circulation for cooler sleeping. The Softie Elite 3 Sleeping Bags have a chest pocket for easy access to nighttime gear. These bags are 56 ounces with a compressed pack size of 9 inches by 10 inches. The Softie Elite features a shell made of Paratex Micro, a tough lightweight fabric that is highly windproof and water repellant. This heavy duty, close weave construction means that the Paratex Micro fabric is extraordinarily hard wearing while remaining soft to the touch. Furthermore, the Paratex Micro fabric wicks away sweat while remaining breathable. The Softie Elite 3 features a Paratex Light fabric lining. Paratex Light is lightweight, highly windproof, water repellant fabric that wicks away sweat while it too, remains breathable. The Softie Elite 3 has a reinforced foot lining and hanging dry tabs. Snugpak also incorporates Reflectatherm in the design of these sleeping bags. Reflectatherm is a highly breathable, metalized fabric that is designed to reflect heat and retain warmth. While it adds little to the carry weight of the Softie Elite, it adds at least 15% more warmth. It is coated with metallic dots that help to trap heat, ensure excellent weight to warmth ratio while remaining breathable. These tactical high performance sleeping bags are comfortable at 23F degrees with a low of 14F degrees. These temperature ratings are based on experience and feedback and assume the user is sleeping lightly clothed, in a tent or sleeping mat. Therefore, individual temperature preferences may vary per person. The Softie Elite 3 includes a compression stuff sack for maximum portability. For a high performance sleeping bag, buy the Snugpak Softie Elite 3 in Olive for $159.95.

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