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Shop Camp Live offers survival knives and rope for sale from some of the most popular manufacturers of survival equipment. Many of these items are essential when camping and backpacking. We also offer new items from the Bear Grylls outdoor survival series of camp necessities. Whether you are shopping for a 200 foot rappelling rope, a new survival knife or just running wild outdoors, buy your camping and backpacking gear here.

Paracord Rope 600 Foot Spool for Sale

Paracord Rope 600 Foot

Paracord Rope 600 Foot Spool
Rothco Products

600 Foot Paracord Rope Spool for sale is U.S. Government contractor ceritified. These ropes are a Type III and measure 600 feet and are 5/32 inch thick with a seven strand nylon construction. These popular ropes hold up to 550 pounds. These rope spools are proudly made in the USA. For a quality general all purpose paracord, buy the 600 Foot Paracord Spool $59.95.

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