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Camping Cookware, Portable Stoves and Water Filtration Systems for Sale offers camping cookware, portable stoves and water filtration gear for sale. From comfort camping items like Esbit Coffee Makers to essential Katadyn water purification kits, be prepared for your next outdoor adventures and camping trips. Buy your campfire cooking and be ready to camp right.

Katadyn Vario Water Filters for Sale

Katadyn Vario Water Filter

Katadyn Vario Water Filter
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Katadyn Vario water filter for sale is both effective and easy to use. Manufactured by Katadyn, a leader in portable water filtration systems, the Vario is from their Back Country Series of products. This tough water filter is ideal for backpacking, camping, tactical use and military operations. As one of the most popular and best-selling emergency preparedness water filtration devices, the Katadyn Vario can filter up to two quarts per minute. This device features three filter levels; a high-performance glass fiber filter, an adjustable ceramic pre-filter and odor eliminating active charcoal. The glass fiber and active charcoal can be used to filter up to two liters of drinking water per minute. The ceramic pre-filter can be quickly fitted to extend the service life of the glass fiber filter when the water is cloudy. The Katadyn Vario weighs 15 ounces and measures a compact 7.5 by 4 inches. These water filters feature Anti-Clog Technology with a 0.2 micron glass fiber that does not require cleaning. They also include an activated carbon granulate and a ceramic pre-filter. The Vario is compatible with most standard outdoor bottles and hydration bladders. When making drinking water is a necessity, think Katadyn and buy the Vario water filter for $99.95.

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