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Camping Tents, Tactical Tents, Tactical Shelters and Cabin Tents for Sale offers tents and shelters for sale from tactical all weather tarps to tents from Eureka. Prepare for outdoor adventures and camping trips with high performance fly first pitch type tent. Snugpak, an industry leader in high performance shelters and tents offers exceptional protection specifically designed for military and tactical use. Buy the right shelter, tarp or tent for your camping needs.

B.A.S.E. Series All Weather Tarps for Sale

B.A.S.E. Series All Weather Tarp

Tactical Tarp

B.A.S.E. Series All Weather Tarp
UST Ultimate Survival Gear

B.A.S.E. Series All Weather Tarp for sale offers versatile and tactical protection from the elements. These light weight tarps are from the B.A.S.E. Series. They are made by Revere Supply an industry leader in survival gear as part of their line of Ultimate Survival Gear. They measure 8 feet by 6 feet. This B.A.S.E. (Basic Adventure Survival Essential) Tarp is crafted of polyester with a flame-retardant aluminized lining. It weighs only 14.8 ounces. This tarp can be used for shelter from sun and rain. It can also be used as a thermal blanket, spread as a ground cover or flipped inside out for use as an emergency signal. This tactical all weather package includes a tarp, guy lines with line tighteners, 6 stakes and a stuff sack. Buy these tactical and versatile all weather tarps for $29.95.

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