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Sleeping Bags and Sleeping Mats for Sale offers sleeping bags and sleeping mats for sale for tactical extreme weather use. Prepare for outdoor adventures and serious camping trips with high performance sleeping bags from Snugpak, like the Softie Series, the Sleeper Series and Special Forces bivvy bags. Try out Multimats tactical line of foam and self-inflating sleep mats. Buy this tactical and high performance sleeping gear for comfortable camping.

Singlis ST Sleeping Mats for Sale

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Singlis ST Sleeping Mat
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Singlis ST Large Inflatable Sleeping Mats for sale are made by Eureka. They are a popular choice for camping and backpacking in template climates and conditions. The compact pack size means these sleeping mats are ideal for campers and backpackers on the go. The Singlis ST large inflatable sleeping mats measure 78 inches by 26 inches. They have an R Value of 1.0. An integrated hand pump ensures quick and easy inflation. The Singlis ST has a brass valve which creates a durable seal and offers quick deflation. These sleeping mats have a thickness of 2.8 inches and feature six inflatable tubes. They inflate in 2.5 minutes. The top fabric of the Singlis ST Large is peached polyester. The bottom fabric is nonslip Ripstop. Every Eureka air pad includes a repair patch. Buy the Singlis ST Large sleeping mat for $79.95.

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