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Hammocks, Rainfly's and Mosquito Nets for Sale

Shop Camp Live offers hammocks, rainfly’s and mosquito nets for sale from some of the most popular manufacturers. These items are designed to provide a more comfortable experience when camping and backpacking. Whether you are shopping for a cozy Hennessy Hammock, preparing for combat against mosquitoes or just running wild outdoors, buy your camping essentials here.

Expedition Asym Zip Hammocks for Sale

Expedition Asym Zip Hammocks

Expedition Asym Zip Hammocks
Hennessy Hammocks

Expedition Asym Zip for sale is made by Hennessy Hammock and features a new side entrance zipper closure with a heavy duty #10 zipper and two double sliders. They are rated for use by a single camper, who is less than 6 feet tall and who weighs less than 250 pounds. The Expedition Asym Zip has diagonal dimensions of 100 inches by 52 inches. These hammocks feature a compact pack size of 4 by 7 by 9 inches and weigh only 2 pounds 9 ounces. The fabric is 210-Oxford nylon with 30D no-see-um-mesh. The suspending ropes are 10 feet long, 1600 pound test polyester rope. The 70D polyurethane coated polyester RipStop rain-fly is a parallelogram measuring 63 by 99 inches. The diagonal length above the ridgeline is 132 inches. These are hunter green colored hammocks with a hunter green fly and black trim. A RipStop polyester stuff sack is included and features a logo and set up instructions. The Expedition Asym Zip maximizes comfort by having one anchor point near the right knee with the other anchor point by the left shoulder.

Hennessy Hammocks offer some of the most inventive shelter solutions for comfortable camping. These hammocks reduce the need to find a level campsite because you won’t be sleeping on rocks, roots or the cold hard ground. This shelter is suspended above all of that. The innovative designs are also environmentally friendly because of the included 42 Inch by 1.5 inch polyester webbing straps that attach to the end of the suspending ropes. This design both protects the tender bark of trees and provides greater span for the ropes. These all purpose hammocks are ideal shelters for backpacking, camping and sleeping outdoors when a small pack size is important. These hammocks feature attached mosquito No-See-Um netting to provide ventilation and keep insects out. This material along with the hammock fabric helps to deflect the wind. The detachable 10 ounce rain-fly of the Expedition Asym Zip is made of waterproof 70D polyurethane coated polyester RipStop. The rain-fly can be tilted to any angle, rolled up, removed or used separately. Hennessy Hammocks also feature enhanced stability by having the occupant enter the hammock from the center instead of flipping over the side. For comfort, these hammocks feature a diagonal axis design which makes the hammocks feel longer and wider than its actual diagonal dimensions. The integral ridgeline helps maintain a comfortable shape by keeping the back straight and level when resting diagonally. There are glove hooks threaded on the ridgeline that be used for attaching LED lights. All hammock ridge lines are installed with a loop on each inside hammock end where a small carabineer can be attached to hold small items. For a unique shelter, buy the Expedition Asym Zip made by Hennessy Hammocks for $149.95.

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